Welcome to Voluntary Voice

A space for voluntary sector people to support each other

Welcome to Voluntary Voice

Voluntary Voice provides a space for voluntary and community sector people to come together and support each other, share ideas and learning and, most important of all, let off steam and share a joke - or several. Imagine a MumsNet for voluntary peeps and you get an idea of what we're about.

On Voluntary Voice you can connect with your colleagues, start or join discussions, share useful stuff and join relevant groups. 

Signing up is simple, and you can also sign up with your LinkedIn or Facebook account. Voluntary Voice is set up as a private site, so that only those in the network can see what’s going on. Because it is private you’ll need to request to join. But don’t worry, this is just a formality - like joining a private Facebook group - and we check requests regularly. Once your request has been approved you’ll receive an email and you’ll need to click on the link in the email.

Once you’ve signed up, please check out our site FAQs

Thanks for joining Voluntary Voice!

Voluntary Voice is a site owned by Do IT Foundation. The Association of Volunteer Managers are custodians of the Voluntary Voice site, as of December 2020.

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